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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Week 4 Post 2

  • Why are they effective?
  • What specific principles of good design do they include and why?
  • What makes you come back again?
  • What could be improved?

The two websites that I visit the most would be and

Pinterest is effective because it builds a personal feedback of images or websites that they believe you would be interested in. After using their search bar, it brings you to other websites/ blogs/ images/ etc. and allows you to connect to more brands and sites. I love that the search options are endless from sports and photography to clothes and poetry. The feed applies to your interests and makes it personal. The only improvement I would suggest is to not have as many advertisements pop up. I understand that websites and blogs make an income from allowing advertisements on their apps and sites, but as a reader I would like to keep it to the minimum.  The design is organized and when you click on an article, it directs you to the main site. When you click an image, it brings you to many other images that are relatable. I have found many websites and brands through Pinterest and I think it is also a tool that brands can use to help their business.

The second website I visit a lot is a blog. I admire the work that this photographer does and her website is clean and organized. You can access her portfolio, her blogs, her contact information, and even purchase from her website. The style of the blog is very simple but it allows her photos to stand out, and she keeps it updated. She allows readers to connect with her through her images and small stories written with the images. On her website you can also find her links to her other forms of social media. I continue to come back to this website as a source of inspiration. She's a photographer for many brands in the surf industry, which is where I hope to one day be. Her website is a visual inspiration of photography and a nice blog, while also showing how talented she is. The only thing that I would fix with this website would be that sometimes the website turns into a weird layout unexpectedly as a glitch.

Week 4 Post 1


Identify at least three potential problems for visitors:

  • When clicking on the website, the background colors were extremely bright and harsh on the eyes. The website organization is very simple, but to the point where it looks like there is little effort put into the choice of design. The last problem is the logo "it makes cents". As a consumer, that saying makes it seem blunt that they're targeting goal is to just make sales. Overall, the flow of the website seems to be choppy with colors and the crazy colors make it seem scattered. 

  • To improve the website, I would recommend finding a solid color or image in the background so the eyes aren't constantly moving around the screen unable to focus on one sentence. On the home page, there's a few different sections in different colors and make it seem very long to read. After reading the two articles, it mentioned that you only have 10 seconds to connect with a viewer and forming one large paragraph, instead of choppy sections, would be beneficial to the reader. 

Identify at least three potential problems for visitors.
  • When I clicked this site, it immediately looked like a pop up site that arrive to by accidentally clicking a link. The colors are all over the place, there is an extreme lack of organization, there's so many color changes in the font that it makes it extremely difficult to read and the choice of images presented on the site look like they were taken out of an 90's catalog. 
  • To improve the website, there would need to be a complete new layout and organization. There is so much information crammed all into one area and the majority of the information is repeated just using different words. Using a different font with a consistent word color will make it easier for the reader and using up to date images will help readers relate and take the website serious. Basically, this website needs a major website decluttering renovation. 

Identify what they have done right. How does design, aesthetics and branding impact your reaction to the websites?

The design of this website is nicely organized, straight to the point, easy to access and has professional images which sets a serious tone for the company. The design of the website makes it easy for an questions that I have, explaining all products and giving detailed information. There is also a search button option, just in case I am unable to find something specific. The aesthetic is very sleek and professional. The color options tend to remain black and white with rare occasions of colored products. Everything is easy to read on the website and as a reader, the layout and design of the website assists confirmation that the brand is reliable. 

Identify what they have done right. How does design, aesthetics and branding impact your reaction to the websites?

When I first click on the website, there's a video of a haircut which I think is a great way to connect the brand to the audience. The video is in extreme detail and the colors are warm and inviting. As you scroll down, the website has an effect where the video stays in place but you can keep scrolling and it'll still be playing. At the bottom of the page, there are a few links that make it accessible to their other social media accounts. The layout is simple but has great colors, and the words are easy to read. On the second page, you can find out pricing and the services offered and it's complimented with a gallery that allows the reader to connect again and see the style the brand pursuits. They have their contact information, and a small "About" page that explains the goals of the brand. This website is short and sweet but also allows readers to gain trust into the business.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Blog Post Week 3 Part 2


3) Facebook and Instagram
4) They post a lot on their Instagram, but not as much on their website and hardly at all on their Facebook. 
5) On their website, their last post was 7/17/18. On their Instagram, their last post was 9/10/18. Their last Facebook post was 10/19/17.
6) I found out of this magazine company through social media. They feature a lot of photographers, models and athlete's. The magazine is a combination of exposure to both the artist and the model. I see posts on Instagram from the magazine, models featured and photographers. They can post on their website and Facebook to keep it updated, but the majority of their feedback comes from Instagram which they seem to be consistent on.

Rusty Surfboards

3) Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Google Plus
4) They post a consistently on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
5) Their last post on their youtube was 3 months ago, their last Facebook post was today, their last twitter post was today, their last Instagram post was today and their last Google Plus post was 

6) They use social media very well with promoting their products and having their team riders promote the products as well. They post both videos and images to their social media and comment/ like photos from their customers. They use social media well to stay on top of their business.

3) Vimeo Twitter Facebook Instagram
4) RVCA's social media is also consistent on all aspects of social media.
5) Their last instagram post was a few hours ago today, their last vimeo video was posted recently for their Fall 2018 collection release, their last twitter post was 9/8/18, and their last Facebook post was also a few hours ago today. 
6) RVCA has a great understanding with social media. They promote their collections through videos and images. RVCA focuses on extreme sports, and also features modern artists as well. They announce upcoming events and releases through their social media and also comment/ like feedback from customers.

3) Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Vimeo Pinterest Google Plus Spotify
4) Raen has the most social media profiles out of the other businesses and is consistent with their activity.
5) Their last post on Instagram 9 hours ago today, their last Facebook post was also 9 hours ago, their last Twitter post was 10 hours ago, their last youtube post was 3 days ago, their last Vimeo movie was posted 1 year ago, their last post of Google plus was 3 days ago and I am unable to see the posting dates of Spotify and Pinterest. 
6) Raen is very active online, and uses their social media platform to connect with their audience using different forms of social media. They use Instagram the most to connect with their customers. Most businesses don't have this many social media accounts but it's great for exposure.

Sun Bum
3) Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube
4) Sun Bum uses all of their social media platforms consistently. 
5) Their last post on Instagram was 21 hours ago, their last Facebook post was 19 hours ago, their last Twitter post was 19 hours ago, and their last Youtube post was 2 months ago.
6) Sun Bum uses all of their social media accounts the same amount. They don't focus on only 1 or 2 of their accounts which helps exposure of the business. They are active on their accounts, as well as commenting and liking other accounts. The post multiple times a week on all social media accounts and have a good amount of followers.

After reviewing all of these accounts, I see that the majority of brands are focused on promoting on Instagram and Facebook. The use of other social media accounts are helpful, but the amount of activity seems high on those two social media outlets. I saw a lot of businesses promote or create events that reach out and connects them to their customers. Although some businesses had more social media accounts, it didn't necessarily mean that their activity on all accounts was high. Some brands although has only the minimal accounts, remain extremely active on posting of their brand. The layout and pictures of each website, or other social media app, created the clear focus that the brand wanted. These brands use their websites as a tool to properly represent their products and their own style they were going for. 

I commented on the post of:
1) Taylor Bantle
2) Jesus Farias
3) Andrea Esquivel

Monday, September 10, 2018

Blog Post Week 3 Post 1

1) Have you ever experienced difficulty communicating with a business?

Now that everything is able to be found easily though a search bar and purchased with a click of a button, I've spent a great amount of money through online purchases. I have experience great communication which helped me give positive feedback to many companies, but have also had a few incident's where the communication from companies side wasn't too great, and ultimately left me as a frustrated customer. I specifically remember purchasing from a bathing suit company who advertised their bathing suit all over Facebook. When I made the purchase and received the bathing suit, the suit was in good condition but it did not look anything like what was seen in the advertised image. When I tried on the bathing suit, the measurements weren't as advertised and did not fit properly. When I e-mailed the company, their response was that the bathing suit was in good condition so technically, nothing was wrong and they would not refund or allow an exchange.  

2) Does social media make it easier to get noticed or get your problem solved?

I personally did not use social media to get my problem solved, but I have seen (especially in the make up industry on social media) consumers give their feedback on a brand/ item and companies respond or make a small comment on their social media. I have also seen companies reach out and apologize to a consumer if someone has posted negative feedback to try to make up for the inconvenience, and to also make sure that the negative feedback doesn't spread. I think social media makes it easier to get noticed or solved if you have a strong opinion and post a lot about your opinion.

3)Have you ever had a positive experience communicating with a business through social media?

I have had positive experience communicating with a business through social media. Many businesses understand a connection is made with a customer and the brand when the brand simply "likes" an image or reposts a review/ photo of a customer. With photography, I've had jewelry businesses reach out and sent free items to take pictures and post for others to see. 

4)If it was your own business on social media, how would you respond to positive or negative comments?

If it was my own business, I would like to take the time to thank each review. All responses, are still feedback to help grow a business. If there were any specific negative comments, I would reach out and try to resolve the issue or take in the negative feedback to try to make sure it wouldn't happen in the future. 

5)Describe what made your experience negative or positive.

In the bathing suit purchase mentioned in the first question, the negative experience came from the lack of the company willing to compromise. I was not happy with the purchase but was willing to return it for a different bathing suit, but when they responded that technically there was nothing wrong with it, it seemed as if they didn't care to find a solution. I haven't purchased from the site again and eventually, I found out that I knew other people who weren't happy with their purchases as well. A positive experience would be when the same exact situation happened with another company, it wasn't an issue at all to return and simply apply the credit to another item. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Week 2B: Who's Post I Commented On

This week, I commented on Christina Castaneda
Haylie Erwin
Vicki Mowery

Week 2: Overview of Social Media

  • Which social media platforms seem geared towards personal use? Why do you think so?

I think many apps that can easily be found through the app stores are geared towards personal use. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, E-mail, Twitter, blogs, etc. All of these sources of social media allow the user to express their interests, ideas, opinions, arguments, and are able to be published, or specifically sent to others, for their voice to be heard. On all of these apps you are able to personally post images or statements, as well as share other's posts. Whether the repost is followed by an argument or a positive statement, you can connect the person who reposted it to the initial post. Many personal details, such as thoughts or views, can easily be found through one's social media.

  • Which ones seem to work better for business? What makes them seem more suitable to business use?

From personal experience, I know a lot of people who mention purchases after reading a Facebook/ Instagram post, or a Youtube video. For instagram, it's known that many models and celebrities are paid to promote products or brands. Although some people understand that the person is being paid for the brand promotion, many of the audience continues to purchase whatever is being promoted. Whether its a clothing brand, make up line, "fit tea", etc., the audience tends to follow those who have high followings. If the product is successful, through social media it may go viral and continue to have the brand or product grow.

  • Do any seem to work well for both? How are they used differently?

I think they work well for both. If someone who listened to the paid promotion from the model/ athlete/ celebrity, and purchased whatever was being sold, they can also post their point of view of the product as the average person. Without worrying of being paid, or pleasing a certain crowd, the truth of the product whether it be negative or positive, may be explained. Instagram products are typically more personal because your following relates to images and brands you choose to follow. Facebook is a huge community of friends with different interests and you can find out personal information solely through their postings. Youtube is also a great way to find out reviews on products or brands. Many youtubers make review videos on their opinions of products which either warns or promotes the product. 

Week 1B: Blogs I commented on

As the second half of the assignment, I commented on Mathew Ward , Eva Whittburn and Shana Thompson's.